Alpaca Fur Rug Carpet, Baby Alpaca Fur Bedspread, AlpacaFur Hat, Alpaca House Fur slipper, Alpaca Fur Fashion Garment, Baby Alpaca Fabric Fur Trim Clothing, Alpaca Fur Accessories, Alpaca Fur Cushion Skin Pillow Covers, Alpaca Teddy Bears, Alpaca Stuffed Plush Animals Toys are handmade in tanned hide of baby alpaca huacaya and suri 100%.
Furthermore We're making products based in baby alpaca yarn and alpaca 100% such as: sweaters, poncho, scarfs, gloves, jacket, hat chullo, cape, children's clothes, wool accessory, yarn, hide, socks, fine travel throw made in machine with hand finished
95% of our products are organic is not use toxic materials, as we use natural dyes; besides everything is handmade.

Alpaca Handicraft is created by women artisans in the city of Cusco - PERU.

We are producing skilled crafts using mainly the skin and baby alpaca wool.
For many years we were only providers traders intermediaries that thanks to our work have benefited economically, because we received the real value of our work only 20 or 30% and they profited from the highest percentage.
Seeing this unjust exploitation we decide to constitute our own company of exports, and too work together artisans right hands, making products us:

Our focus has been on providing unique, high quality home decor accesories for our online customers, We feature the most incredibly soft & luxurious alpaca products.

Don't hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have! We are here to make your shopping experiencie with us memorable & enjoyable!! Our customer are our first priority.

Thank you very much for your purchase us and ¡ may God Bless You !